25 june 2021


We are pleased to announce that Domuni Universitas will be organizing Live Summer Courses for students across the globe.

Students will learn and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds, all through a dynamic and innovative e-learning system.  


From 5th to 26th July 2021

We invite you to the Live Summer Course


- Origin and implications -


Professor in Social Sciences, Dr Lorenzo Gallo, will dedicate the first two sessions to the imparting of knowledge and analysis of the course content through online lectures.  

The two subsequent sessions will take place in the form of debates between students, organized in two groups under, the supervision of the professor.

At the end of the course, each student will write an essay of around 2000 words on a topic discussed during the Summer Course. 

This Live Summer Course will take place in English and is open to the public.


  • The program is composed of 4 Live sessions of 1 hour over the course of a month. 

The course aims to give participants an overview of the topic and provide them with elements of critical reflection on Natural Law. 

  • A certificate of participation will be sent to the attendees at the end of this Summer Course. 

The Summer Course is free of charge for Domuni students as it forms part of their study programme.  


Course fee for external participants: €200 

(Participants will obtain a certain number of ECTS , if they validate the Summer Course)


Discover the full programme and register here