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As a leading online university in theology, Domuni offers a wide selection of courses to choose from. We have over 2500 students studying with us and offer over 1000 degree and vocational courses to choose from. Whether you are just starting your learning journey in theology, or you’re continuing with a Master’s or PhD, learning with us is flexible and affordable. Distance learning puts you in control of when and how you study. Whether you have family commitments or a full-time job, you can choose to study your way. We’d love to tell you more about our courses and why we’re a leading online university in theology. We currently offer our courses to students on every continent and in five languages

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Discover the Freedom of Distance Learning For Yourself

Are you considering taking up a religious life? Perhaps you’re looking to develop analytical and logical thinking skills that take your career further. Or maybe you just have a personal interest in theology and religious studies. Whatever your interest in theology, choosing us as your online university in theology is a great step. We offer all of our courses 100% online. It means you can get started right away with your chosen course and start to develop a deeper understanding of theology. Choose from one of our many vocational courses, or opt to start a BA, Master’s, or PhD. Let us help you to discover your full potential and to realise your academic goals.

The Best Place to Study Religious Studies

As a leading online university in theology, we take our role very seriously in helping you to experience success. We’re here for you every step of the way, from enrolling for the first time to accessing your learning materials. Our Faculty of Theology is one of the best online and you’ll be assigned your own personal tutor for the duration of your studies. All course material will be made available to you from the moment you enrol and pay your study fees. Everything can be accessed online, including seminars, publications, lectures, quizzes, exams, and more. You’ll also be able to sign up at any time of the year as we don’t run our courses in line with the formal university calendar. Whether you are ready to begin your studies today, or you’d like to plan ahead for the future, we’ll be ready when you are. Our team is also on hand to answer any questions you may have about studying a course in theology.

Introducing Do-Moodle, Our Online Learning Platform

We make enrolling easy and accessing your course material even easier. From the moment you enrol with us, you’ll have access to our Do-Moodle platform, our online learning portal. All you need to access your course materials is a mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer. We’ll provide you with a login when you enrol and from there you can start your study whenever it is convenient to you. We’ll get you off to a great start and ensure you have everything you need to begin your first module. Whether you choose to do a BA, Master’s or a PhD, we’ll be with you to ensure you have everything you need. 

When you choose us as your online university in theology, you’ll be tapping into years of knowledge and experience. Our courses are backed by over 800 years of history in religion and cover many topics. You’ll have access to a range of seminars, publications, and courses that give you a deeper understanding of theology and religious services and an understanding of what will be expected of you in terms of quizzes, exams, and your thesis. If you have any questions for our faculty team, we’d be delighted to assist you and give you the confidence you need to begin your studies. Let us show you why we are one of the best choices when it comes to choosing a university in theology.

We Are an International Online University in Theology

We currently offer our courses in French, English, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic. You can access all course material in your chosen language and we’ll also give you access to our international forums where you can speak to fellow students. From debating and chatting about specific theology topics to talking about your personal life and interests, this is a great place to meet up with students and make friends. We’ll also assign you your own tutor who you can call on for support whenever you need it. With over 1000 courses to choose from, you can plan your next studies easily and bookmark or enrol on courses that complement your theology course. We also specialise in philosophy courses, so take a look at what we have available on our website.

Enrol For Your Online Program in Theology Today

No matter what your existing knowledge of theology is, we offer some of the best degree and vocational courses available today. We make it easy and convenient to sign up for courses and will give you access to all of your course material in one go. Please note that this means refunds are not possible except in exceptional circumstances but we think you will be delighted with the course material and syllabus. Choosing Domuni as your online university in theology could be the best thing you do for your career or if you plan to take up a religious life. We have curated our course and degree material very carefully to ensure you get the best from every module. We would be very happy to tell you more about each course, or you can find all the information on our website. You can also see testimonials from some of our past and present students to get a feel for what to expect when you choose us as your online university in theology.