The Book of Judith

The Book of Judith

The book of Judith is named after its main hero whose achievements it tells and glorifies. Like the books of Tobit and Esther, the book of Judith focuses on a main character and tells in detail the salvation given by God in a critical situation.

ECTS Credits: 3

Professor: Hervé Tremblay


   1- The Book of Judith and History

1.1 The problem.

1.2 Attempts of a solution.

   2- Literary Genre

   3 - Author and date

3.1 Date.

3.2 Author and writing place.

The Text

   5- Canonicity

   6- Plan of the Book

   7- Literary Value of the Book

   8- Composition and unity of the Book

8.1 Composition. The scriptural re-reading.

8.2 Unity of the book.

   9- Religious Teaching

Some specific teachings of the book :

1. God’s transcendance.

2- The liberation by w woman’s hand.

3- Judith, as a symbol of the people of Israel.

4- The book of Judith and the torah.

5- The exaltation of Jerusalem.

6- The use of bad means Bibliography