Prophets Part III

Prophets Part III

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel

Study of the Writing Prophets in Chronological Order: from the Exile to the New Testament

Course code: THEN19

Professor: Dr. Hervé Tremblay

Table of contents

For each prophet studied :

  1. The historical context
  2. The man
  3. The book: plan, literary features, etc.
  4. The message / teaching
  5. Study of one text
Topic 1 : The First Isaiah (Is 1-39).
Topic 2 : The Second Isaiah: The Book of the Consolation of Israel
Topic 3 : The Prophet Jeremiah.
Topic 4 :The Prophet Jeremiah 2
Topic 5 :The Prophet Jeremiah The Message
Topic 6 :The Prophet Jeremiah Jeremiah’s posterity : Old and New Testament .
Topic 7 : The Prophet Ezekiel Historical Context
Topic 8 : The Prophet Ezekiel The message