Prophets Part II

Prophets Part II

Minor Prophets

Study of the Writing Prophets in Chronological Order

Course code: THEN04

Professor: Dr. Hervé Tremblay

Table of content 

For each prophet studied :

  1. The historical context
  2. The man
  3. The book: plan, literary features, etc.
  4. The message / teaching
  5. Study of one text


Chapter 1. The Advent of Prophecy in Ancient Israel
Chapter 2. The Prophet Amos
Chapter 3. The Prophet Hosea
Chapter 4. The Book of Micah
Chapter 5. The Book of Zephanaiah
Chapter 6. The Book of Nahum
Chapter 7. The Book of Habakkuk
Chapter 8. Prophetism in the Persian Time (539-332)
Chapter 9. Other Minor Prophets from the time of the Persian Exile & Return