English for Economics

English for Economics

This course aims at expanding students’ vocabulary and improving their understanding of the body of knowledge in Economics

Course code: SHS-ETC09

Professor: Dr. Srecko Koralija

About the course

As this course is designed for individuals who already have a foundational understanding of the subject, students are encouraged to voice their desires if they wish to delve deeper into specific economics topics for their studies and research.

Learning outcomes

Students will better use the technical vocabulary specific to economics and management, and understand better how to communicate in an official environment.


Course Plan

Chapter 1: Recruitment, selection and labour relations
Chapter 2: Efficiency and employment
Chapter 3: Company structure
Chapter 4: Resources
Chapter 5: Budget and taxes
Chapter 6: Business associations
Chapter 7: Advertising and marketing
Chapter 8: Finance and pricing
Chapter 9: Public investment