Srecko Koralija

Srecko Koralija


- Born 6 October 1986, Virovitica, Croatia
- Regent of Studies of the Croatian Dominican Province; Organiser and moderator of the International Study Week and Conference (Trogir-Croatia); Member of the Dominican International DOMUNI University; Member of the IRD (Interreligious dialogue) OP group as representative for Europe; Member of the Croatian Society of Composers; Province of Croatia's Promoter for the Dominican Jubilee 2016; Member of the Commission for Liturgy (Zagreb); Member of the Institute of Saint Thomas Aquinas (Zagreb); Member of the Team for the book of Isaiah for the New Translation of the Bible (BEST)


- 2015 (starting in July) – Chinese Mandarin (online course)
- 2015 – (Hilary Term, Oxford) – Intermediate Modern Hebrew Course, Chabad Centre, Oxford
- 2015 - MSt in Oriental Studies (Oxon) – (draft chapter –DPhil)
- 2014 – 2015 (expected) – Sacrae Scripturae Licentiatus (Pontifical Biblical Commission, Rome-Vatican)
- 2014 - Sacrae Scripturae Bachalaureus ( Pontifical Biblical Commission, Rome-Vatican)
- 2014 – Septuagint Summer School (Göttingen)
- 2014 – DPhil Project accepted (Oxon)
- 2013 - 2014 - MSt in Syriac Studies (Oxon)
- 2010 - 2012 – MA in Theology (bilingual – French/German), University of Fribourg (Switzerland) – specialization in Patristic studies
- 2007 - 2010 – BA in Theology, University of Fribourg (Switzerland), with an emphasis in Syriac (Thesis: La pureté du coeur dans la 4ème démonstration d'Aphraate, le sage Persan)
- 2008 – DALF Certificate in French
- 2006-2007 – First Year of Theology (BA), Zagreb University
- 2001-2005 – Secondary School (classical formation, including Greek and Latin)
- 1995-2001 – School of Music (guitar, piano), Virovitica
- 1993-2001 – Primary School, Virovitica


- 2015 – (May) paper – Saint Ephrem’s reading of Genesis – Blackfriars, Oxford
- 2015 – (April) talk – Humanities in front of different challenges – Catholic University of Zagreb
- 2015 – (March) paper – Jewish concepts in Christian tradition – Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb
- 2015 – (March) talk - Why classical education in the modern world? – Faculty of Teacher Education, Zagreb
- 2015 – (March) talk - On Literacy and translation techniques – Faculty of Humanities, Zagreb
- 2015 – (January) Conference and Study-Visit in Jerusalem – EBAF – talk on Genesis 22 in the Syriac tradition
- 2014 – Talk on ‘Interreligious Dialogue and Building Peace’ (International conference, FFDI, Zagreb)
- 2014 – Introductory course for Dominican novices on the Gospel according to Matthew and Saint Paul’s epistles (Zagreb-Dubrovnik)
- 2014 – Study-Visit in Jerusalem – EBAF
- 2014 – Radio emissions (in Croatia) on religions and interreligious dialogue
- 2013:
o Conference ‘Reading Scripture as a Way of Finding the Self’ – 13th September (Split), 18th September (Zagreb)
o 2 conferences on Syriac Mariology during the Study Week – Trogir (Croatia) 25th August – 1st September
o Conference on ‘God’s death’ during the Study day on faith held in Zagreb 25th o March
o Introductory course for Dominican novices on the gospel according to Matthew and Saint Paul’s epistles (Korcula)
o Study-Visit in Jerusalem - EBAF
- 2011-2013 – Student member of the Institute Dominique Barthelemy (Fribourg)
- 2007-2012 – Participated in the International Study Week, Dubrovnik
- 2011 - Presentation of the project BEST (EBAF) in Croatia
- 2007 – Study-Visit in Jerusalem - EBAF
- 2007 – Study-Visit in Cairo - IDEO (including cca. 2 months of Arabic at KALIMAT)
- Various lectures on biblical topics (Croatian Dominican Province)


- Croatian (fluent), English (fluent), French (fluent), German (fluent), Spanish (good), Italian (good), Russian (good), Polish (good), Hungarian (elementary knowledge), Modern Greek (elementary knowledge), Greek (reading knowledge), Latin (reading knowledge), Hebrew (reading knowledge), Arabic (reading knowledge), Syriac (reading knowledge), Coptic (reading knowledge), Ancient Georgian (reading knowledge), Japanese (elementary knowledge),


- Syriac Literature, History, Patrology, Theology and Biblical Studies, Jewish studies, Islamic studies, Interreligious dialogue, paleography, Interreligious dialogue, Medieval Arabic Philosophy; History of Gregorian Chant


- Interreligious dialogue as a way of building peace (Zagreb, January 2015)
- Book Review of Stipe Juric, Biser biblijske mudrosti. Mudrost lijepa govora u Knjizi Sirahovoj, published in Nova prisutnost 10 (2012): 140-41.
- Srecko Koralija, Mudroslovna skicoznost u Prop 1,4-11 (The Wisdom in Ecc. 1,4-11 – a First Sketch) published in Veritas vitae et doctrinae, ed. Gavric A. Šestak (Zagreb: Filozofsko-teološki institut družbe Isusove u Zagrebu, Filozofski niz 27, 2012), 220-233.
- La pureté du coeur dans la 4ème démonstration d'Aphraate, le sage Persan. University of Fribourg, 2007 (Bachelor of Theology).
- Quelques caractéristiques et signification du débat sur Jésus et Mahomet entre le patriarche syrien Timothée I et le calife abbasside Al-Mahdî . University of Fribourg, 2012


- Dijete nam se rodilo – The child was born for us
- Verbum Domini
- Kad ispuni se vrijeme (words)
- O milosti puna (adaptation - words)
- Svetom dominiku (adaptation - words)