E-seminar: Issues in African Philosophy and Theology

E-seminar: Issues in African Philosophy and Theology

SEM - Philosophy and Theology

5th October - 30th November 2020 

presented by Cornelius Ewuoso

Professor: Cornelius Ewuoso


Is there an African Philosophy/Theology/Bioethics? This seminar will be devoted to this question. In different parts of this seminar, we will consider issues around the existence and identity of African philosophy/bioethics/Theology. In the final week of series, we shall examine the feminist and African scholars’ attempt to recreate a theology that is sufficiently inclusive; addresses the past injustices (towards women); and accommodates elements of human (African) experience.  


  • This study will introduce the participants to prevailing issues in African philosophy/theology/Bioethics.
  • The study would also highlight the various attempts to recreate philosophy/theology using African/cultural/feminist categories.
  • The study would also identify gaps in these attempts, and make recommendations for bridging the same 

Learning Outcomes


  • Acquaint the students with some of the basic issues in African Philosophy/Theology/Bioethics
  • Gain knowledge of how African scholars have addressed these issues.
  • Students would also have solid knowledge of principal issues in African philosophy/ theology/Bioethics


  • The students would be able to discuss and critically evaluate arguments in favour and against African philosophy/Bioethics/Theology.
  • Develop and defend their own position
  • The students would gain oral presentation skills (gained practice for giving conference papers)
  • Develop writing skills (learnt to produce high-quality academic articles)

Evaluation Methods:

Your final grades would be made up of your structured essay (60%), attendance (10%) and contributions to the debate during the online session (20%). Further instruction of how you would be assessed is found under the heading “Teaching Method” below.



This seminar is available to Master 1 and Master 2 students registered at Domuni Universitas. The seminar can also be purchased individually, subject to available places. To sign up, please send an email to