Christian-Muslim Dialogue and Secularization

Christian-Muslim Dialogue and Secularization

The aim is to explore some aspects of Christian-Muslim dialogue in Britain, against the climate of rising secularization of European societies and the changing dynamics of institutional religious channels in this context. It will also touch upon questions of faith, belonging and belief, after an in-depth analysis of the challenges secularism represents for inter-faith dialogue given the contemporary popularity of militant atheism.

Course code: ISL0001

Professor: Gustave Ineza


Firstly, a careful study of the definition of secularization and an analysis of the processes that have led to its development and conceptualization in the West, while touching upon its modern aspects and their impact on religion. The dissertation will then explore the attitudes in organised religions, from radical positions to reactionary ones. After describing existing forms of dialogue between both religious traditions, this study will explore the possibility of developing a dialogue that could address militant atheism and the challenges of secularization to world religions, especially Christianity and Islam. The study will end by examining the limits of that dialogue among Christians and Muslims in Britain.

Table of content

1. Defining Secularization and New Atheism; their significance in Britain

2. Christian-Muslim dialogue in Great Britain

3. Christian-Muslim dialogue vis-a-vis secularization in Britain