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Are you considering taking up Catholic theology studies? Perhaps you already have a BA in theology and want to progress to a Master’s degree, or maybe you are considering a PhD in theology. We offer a wide selection of distance learning courses in theology and religious studies. Learning in this way gives you the freedom and flexibility to study theology in your own way and at your own pace. Whether you need to fit your studies around your family life, or you are in full-time or part-time employment, our courses help you to achieve your educational goals and aspirations. 

The beauty of studying using one of our distance learning courses is that you can study in your own time on your smartphone, at your computer, or on your tablet. We give you access to all of the study material you need to begin your studies with confidence. All of your course material for your Catholic theology studies will be made available through our central portal, Do-Moodle, allowing you to get started right away. Whether you choose to partake in a BA, Master’s or PhD, you will have an assigned tutor and all the support you need to succeed in your chosen line of study.

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A Wide Selection of Catholic Theology Studies Courses

Our courses are aimed at students who wish to study faith at an academic level with the intention of deepening their knowledge and understanding of Christianity through history and its impact on the modern world. We offer a selection of undergraduate courses that can be completed under a distance learning concept. Our BA in theology can be completed in as little as three years but each of these study years can be extended to 24 months for no additional cost. This gives our students the freedom to study in their way and at their pace. 

Studies For Those Looking To Follow a Religious Life

Each course is designed for those who have a religious life in mind at the end of their studies or who are already living a religious life. However, they are also suitable for developing critical and analytical thinking skills that could take your career to the next level or help you to enter into a specific career. For example, these skills could help in roles where management, leadership, or communication are important. Most importantly, you’ll have the support from your own assigned tutor and the support of a network of like-minded students studying the same course as you.

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Studying a distance learning course with Domuni could open up many opportunities. Our courses are designed for students looking to deepen their understanding of religion and the Christian faith. Learn in your own space at your own pace by applying through our website today. We offer a wide selection of courses for you to choose from.