Leobardo (Leo) Almazàn

Leobardo (Leo) Almazàn


S.T.D., Social Ethics / Human Rights (Lateran University/Alphonsian Academy, Rome – candidate)
S.T.L., Moral Theology (Lateran University/Alphonsian Academy, Rome, 2011)
M.A., Moral Theology (Oblate School of Theology, 2005)
S.T.B., Holy Scriptures (Pontifical University of México, 1999)
M.A. in Philosophy (1995)

Professional Experiences

Fundamental Moral Theology (Thomistic Foundations of Moral Theology).
Catholic Social Thought (CST’s historical development).
Human Rights (Philosophical foundations, nexus between theory and praxis, and “new rights” issues).
Hispanic Latino Theology and Thought (Liberation theologies).
Philosophy (History of Ancient Philosophy, Philosophical Ethics, Anthropology, Aristotle’s Ethics, and Existentialism).
Areas of Specialization
Aristotelian Ethics.
Aquinas & Virtue Ethics.
Historical Development of CST.
Human Rights.
Hispanic/Latino theology.
Ancient Philosophy.

Selected Publications:

“María: Mediadora Solidaria,” Revista Albertus Magnus, vol. III, no. 4 (Julio-Diciembre 2012): 131–158.
Teaching Engagements
“Critical Analysis of the Modern Theory of Human Rights: Lack of a Coherent Theoretical Framework,” Keynote at the International Conference on The Foundations of Liberalism and Human Rights, The Continual Relevance of the School of Salamanca, organized by Domuni Universitas, Salamanca, Spain (July 2014).
“La Teología Moral,” four-hour session, Curso Nuestra Fe / Office of Hispanic Ministry, Archdiocese of St. Louis (March 2014).
“Altruism, Compassion and Solidarity During Times of Hardship: A Roman Catholic Perspective,” Lecture at the Abrahamic Traditions’ Dinner, St. Louis, MO (October 2013).
Current Interests
Aquinas & Virtue Ethics.
Catholic Moral Theology and Neuroscience.
CST and Migration.
Uses of Philosophy in Theology.
Justice in a Multicultural Perspective.