Dr. Veronica Rosier

Dr. Veronica Rosier

Dr Veronica Rosier OP lectures in liturgical and sacramental studies at The Broken Bay Institute, in partnership with the University of Newcastle and at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, Strathfield, NSW.

She was a member of the Faculty of Theology at Australian Catholic University (1987-2006) and has been involved in conference presentations and liturgical formation in Australian dioceses and overseas.

She holds a doctorate from the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, and Masters degrees in Theology/Religious Education and Musicology.

Her principal area of interests are liturgical theology and liturgical catechesis.

Her publications include a book and chapters and articles in various scholarly journals and pastoral publications.

Dr Rosier has served on the National Liturgical Council for the Australian Catholic Bishops and the Sydney Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission. Veronica is a Dominican Sister, the Order of Preachers.