17 april 17 - 12 june 2023

E-Seminar : Proclaiming Holy Scriptures

E-Seminar : Proclaiming Holy Scriptures

Bringing a Sacramental Experience to the Congregation

Christians define the Liturgy of the Word as an act of worship consisting mainly of scriptural readings, preaching, and prayers. In this way, each liturgy nourishes worshippers from the table of God’s word. Christians pursue the sacramental presence of the word of God in Jesus Christ, present in the sacred scriptures and the Eucharist. The seminar aims to answer the following questions, What occurs during a liturgical proclamation? What kind of presence do we face during this human action? Proclaiming Holy Scriptures seminar is directed at lay persons and ministers who need to encourage full participation in the worship ministries of their congregations.

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