12 april 12 - 7 june 2021

Natural  Law:  its  origin  and  implication

Natural  Law:  its  origin  and  implication

Natural  law  can  be  defined  as  the  philosophy  that  certain  rights,  moral  values  and resposibilities  are inherent of human nature  and  therefore  are  to  be  considered universal.

The  Church, on  the  other  hand, claims  that  her  moral  teachings  are  based  on  natural law  and  therefore  are  applicable  to  all  men.  Yet,  to  the  post modern  culture influenced  by  relativism, these  assertions  appear  partisan  and  out of fashion.  Contemporary  philosophy  and  public opinion  tend  to  question,  ignore  or feel  un easy with  the  concept of  natural  law  and  its  application.  This  seminar  intends  to  debate the  origins  of  natural  law,  its  perennial  value  and  its  implications . 


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