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If you are looking for a theology online school that offers a wide selection of distance learning courses, Domuni University has you covered. Whether you are looking to complete a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s, or a PhD, we offer a wide selection of theology degrees. We also offer many certifications that you can take before a degree, alongside a degree, or just to increase your knowledge in a specific area. We give you the freedom to study your way and to get the most from your studies through our academic programmes. Whether you are looking to study your course in the shortest time possible or to extend your studies to fit your lifestyle or schedule, you’re always in control. 

All of our theology online school courses are available 100% online. You’ll get access to your course materials the moment your application is processed and you’ll also be assigned your own personal mentor. Your mentor is always there to guide you through your studies and support you when you need it. We pride ourselves on our Faculty of Theology and the dedication we have to our students. Whether you are just starting out on your theology journey, or you’re looking to deepen your knowledge in religious studies, we’d love to welcome you as a new student.

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Discover the Flexibility of Distance Learning Courses

No matter which theology course you choose, you can be assured of excellent study materials and resources. These will be at your disposal through any mobile device or personal computer once we give you access to our elearning portal. We give you access to all of your course material in one go. It means refunds are not usually possible but it also means you can look ahead to what is coming next and dip in and out of different subjects as the need arises. Distance learning always puts you in control. Whether you are juggling home life and work, or your dedication to your ministry takes up a lot of your time, you can fit in your studies wherever possible. 

We offer excellent flexibility when it comes to our degree courses. For example, you can choose to complete your Bachelor’s degree within three years or extend each study year to take it over six years. We’re a theology online school that understands the demands of modern life and provides each of our students with the flexibility to study in their own time at their own pace. Whether you are coming to us with a Bachelor’s degree and looking to progress with a Master’s, or you have your eye on one of our vocational courses, we’d be delighted to meet you.

We’re Dedicated to Your Success

As a leading theology online school, we are dedicated to the success of our students. We offer everything you need through our Do-Moodle elearning portal. It’s where you can access your study materials, submit assignments, and also keep in touch with your fellow students and teachers. We have several online forums and chat rooms and we publish regular debates and discussions to keep you engaged. There is no pressure to take part in our events and debates and you won’t be penalised for not getting involved. However, we believe in the human touch and that engaging with your fellow students can be beneficial to your own studies. 

We offer our theology online school courses in five languages - French, English, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic and we’re proud to offer our courses on every continent. Most of all, we like to make our distance learning courses as accessible as possible. When your application process has been completed, you will receive your own login to our Do-Moodle platform. Because we don’t run our courses in line with the formal university year, you can begin your studies at any time.

Always Here to Support You

Even though you’ll be completing a distance learning course in your own time at home or in the placce of your choosing, you’ll never be alone. Our team is always here to offer you support, whether you need help with the application process or an area of study. You’ll have your own mentor who you can contact at any time by email, telephone, or through video chat and you’ll also have access to our online forums. Our forums have several discussion boards that you can get involved with. From lively debates to discussions about religious life or philosophical topics, there is always something to talk about. 

Distance learning with a theology online school gives you the freedom to choose the courses you want to study and when, and to study in your own time. Whether you are diving straight into a degree course, or dipping your toes in theology with one of our vocational courses, you’ll have some of the best resources and study materials online. Remember, our courses are 100% online and give you the freedom to access your study materials whenever you like and wherever you are. 

Enrol Online Today to Get Started

At Domuni University, we offer our students a wide selection of theology courses that will give them a deeper understanding of theology and religious studies. No matter which of our courses you choose, you will have all the support you need to achieve academic success. From our forums and online chat rooms to our mentors and teaching staff, we bring you the best support network available from a theology online school. You can choose to be as involved as you want but there is never any pressure to be involved in our online community. All we ask is that you are committed to your studies and the timeframes expected of you. But remember, you can also extend your study year in many of our courses. This is welcomed by many of our students who also juggle work and family life.