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If you are considering taking a Master philosophy online and are looking to study remotely, Domuni University offers a wide selection of courses. Our Master’s in Philosophy is offered 100% online and is designed to deepen and initiate research. You will have a BA in Philosophy or equivalent already and a commitment to learning. We give you access to all of the study materials you need, all completely accessed online from our e-learning portal. You can choose to study on your mobile phone, from your personal computer, or your tablet. We want you to have the freedom to study at your own pace when it’s most convenient for you. Many of our students have full-time jobs or family commitments. Distance learning gives you all the freedom you need to study on your terms. 

When you start your Master philosophy online, you’ll be in good company. We have helped countless students to experience success with us and we’d be delighted to do the same for you today. When you sign up for a course with us and pay your fees, you’ll get instant access to your entire course material so that you can get started right away. It’s important to note that we offer no refunds except in exceptional circumstances. This is because we give you access to all course content in one go.

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What You Can Expect On Your Master Philosophy Online

The first year of your Master philosophy online will consist of seven in-depth courses, two research seminars, and you’ll also prepare a research project for the second year of your studies. Each course is validated by a quiz and an assignment. There will also be an exam at the end of each year of study. 

The second year of your studies is split into four courses and a research seminar.  You will then submit a thesis proposal to the Faculty of Philosophy. Each study year can be extended to two calendar years giving you even more time to complete your studies. This is particularly helpful if find you struggle to manage your study time with other areas of your life or you need to spend longer on subjects or assignments. Above all else, we want you to have the freedom to study at your own pace and in your own time. Because you can access all study materials online from any mobile device or PC, you can choose when and how you study. Many of our Master philosophy students have found success in this way.

How Do I Access the Study Materials Online?

When you enroll for your Master philosophy online, you’ll be provided with access to our online e-learning portal called Do-Moodle. This portal can be accessed wherever you are as long as you have a good internet connection. You will also be able to reach out to your university teachers for support when you need it and communicate with other students through the Do-Moodle community forums. This 24-hour access to our course materials ensure you can study whenever you need to and whenever you can find time to dedicate to your studies. Many of our students access Do-Moodle from home, during their lunchhour at work, or on their commute home. That’s the freedom and flexibility our courses bring and we’d be delighted to tell you more.

An Excellent International School For Philosophy Studies

At Domuni University, we offer a huge selection of degree and vocational courses. Whether you have already completed a BA and want to progress to a Master philosophy online degree, or your plan is to achieve a PhD, we make taking the next step easy and attainable no matter what your schedule or lifestyle. Commitment, of course, is required, but with the support of our Faculty and the flexibility of distance learning, you’ll have all the tools and services you need to succeed. We currently offer our students over 1000 degree and vocational courses. This allows you to dip into specialised areas of study alongside your MA, or to bookmark courses you may wish to take in the future. 

We also offer our courses in 5 languages - French, English, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic. Not only can you access your course material in your preferred language but you can also converse with your fellow students on our international forums. From discussing course materials to getting involved in interesting philosophical debates, you can engage in much more than just study when you come to Domuni. We’d love to welcome you as a new student. You can enroll today and get access to your course material in its entirety. It means you can see the entire syllabus throughout the year and prepare yourself for each course on the horizon.

Start Your Master Philosophy Online When You Like

Because we are open 24/7 and 365 days a year, you can start your studies at a time to suit you. We do not run in line with the academic calendar meaning you can start your course on any day of the year and begin your study year from there. Remember, you can also spread each study year of your Master philosophy online over two calendar years giving you even more flexibility and freedom when it comes to completing your studies. 

Whether on-campus study requires you to attend seminars and lectures in person, we offer everything online through our Do-Moodle platform. We’ll provide you with your own personal login to the system so that you can access your course materials right away following enrollment. Our team is here to help you through the enrollment process and ensure you get off to a great start. Experience the freedom that distance learning with Domuni has to offer.

Enroll For Your Chosen Course Today

Come and join the thousands of students around the world that have achieved a Master philosophy online. Our many courses and degrees offer you the chance to study for your chosen academic goals in your own time and from your own space.