Theology of Grace : God’s Life in us - The Authentic Life of our Human Spirit

Theology of Grace : God’s Life in us - The Authentic Life of our Human Spirit

Grace is God’s life in us, the authentic life of our human spirit or what our life is truly called to be. Without our participation in the life of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Trinity) through baptism, we cannot truly be Christian and without grace we cannot truly live a Christian life.

ECTS Credits: 6

Professor: Peter Lobo

Course objectives

At the end of this course, students will have:

  • Excellent foundation for continuing their studies
  • Acquired experience and confidence in reading, comprehension and text analysis.
  • Students will be able to use it in other courses or projects. 

Evaluation methods :

Students will be providing a written assignment (between 3 and 5 pages) by treating a subject to choose from those proposed.

Table of content 

1. Introduction

1.1 The Word Theology
1.2 The Term God
1.3 Christian Theology
1.4 Theologia, Doxologia, Martyria, Kerygma, Apologia 1.5 The Meaning of the Term Grace
1.6 Some Further Preliminary Considerations Concerning Grace
1.7 Grace that Makes Us Pleasing in the Eyes of God (Gratia gratum faciens): Habitual or Sanctifying Grace
1.8 Grace that is a Temporary or Passing Divine Help: Actual Grace 1.9 Charisms/Charismatic Gifts (Gratia gratis data)
1.10 Growth in Sanctifying Grace
1.11 Positions that Fail to Rightly Understand Grace
1.12 Conclusion

2. Division of the Course

Positive Section Speculative Section

3. Positive Section I : Grace in the Bible – The Experience of the People of God of the Gracious God

3.1 The Experience of the People of God of the Gracious God in the Old Testament – the Promise
3.2 The Experience of the New People of God of the Gracious God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the New Testament – the Fulfilment

4. Positive Section II : Grace in the Fathers of the Church – The Experience of Grace of the People of God in Patristic Times as Witnessed to by the Writings of the Fathers of the Church

4.1 Grace in the Greek Fathers
4.2 Grace in the Latin Fathers

5. Positive Section III : Grace in the Teaching of the Magisterium - The Experience of the Gracious God in Church Councils and Other Papal Teaching Elaborated Often in Response to Heterodox Opinions

5.1 Pelagianism and the XVI Council of Carthage (418) Confirmed by Pope Zosimus I (May 418)
5.2 Marseillism or Semi-Pelagianism and the II Council of Orange (529)
5.3 Martin Luther (†1546), the Reformation and the Council of Trent (1545 -1563)
5.4 Michael de Bay (Baius, 1513-1589) and Pius V’s Bull Ex Omnibus Afflictionibus (1 October, 1567)
5.5 Cornelius Jansen (1585-1638; Bishop of Ypres, Belgium, 1634-1638) and Innocent X’s Bull Cum Occasione (1653)
5.6 Pasquier Quesnel (Oratorian Priest, 1634-1719) and Clement XI’ s Bull Unigenitus Dei Filius (1713) 5.7 Later Developments

6. Speculative Section I: Theological Reflection on Grace – The Authentic Life of the Human Spirit

6.1 A Brief Note on Natural and Supernatural
6.2 The Natural Life of the Human Spirit: Knowing, Hoping and Willing/Loving
6.3 Grace, Authentic Life of the Human Spirit

7. Speculative Section II: Theological Reflection on Grace – Sanctifying Grace and Actual Grace

7.1 Sanctifying Grace
7.2 Actual Grace
7.3 Division of Grace 

8. Speculative Section III: Theological Reflection on Grace: Grace and the Moral/Spiritual Life

8.1 Grace and the New Law of Christ
8.2 Grace and the Virtues
8.3 Grace and the Seven-fold Gifts and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit
 gift of courage (fortitude) to undertake what seems difficult and burdensome as demanded by one’s vocation I life.
8.4 Grace and the Sacraments: Sacramental Grace

9. Speculative Section IV: Theological Reflection on Grace – Grace-life in the Midst of the World

9.1 Grace-life and the Stewardship of Creation
9.2 Grace-life and Human (Life), Cultural, Socio-Economic, Political Issues

10. Speculative Section V: Theological Reflection on Grace – The Culmination of the Life of Grace

10.1 Grace, the Seed of Glory 10.2 Mary, Full of Grace

11. Speculative Section VI: Theological Reflection: Grace in Hinduism and Islam – Brief Remarks

11.1 Grace in Hinduism
11.2 Grace in Islam

12. General Conclusion Topics for papers