Theological Anthropology

Theological Anthropology

St. Thomas Aquinas on Man as made to the Image of the Trinity and on the Trinitarian God in whose Image we are made and to whom we are Conformed.

ECTS Credits: 3

Professor: Dr. Kevin O'Reilly


Course objectives

This course is a penetrating insight into Thomas's Trinitarian Treatise in the Summa Theologiae. While chapter one is concerned with human beings who are made to the image of God on account of their possession of the faculties of intellect and will, chapter two concerns itself with the Trinitarian God to Whose image we are made. It examines what it means to ascribe the capacity for knowing and loving to the triune God.

Table of content 

Chapter I. To the image of the Trinity

STh I, q. 93: human beings as made to the image and likeness of God
Likeness according to conformation

Chapter II. The God to Whom we are conformed

The Scriptural foundations of Thomas’s Trinitarian theology
The Trinitarian missions
The processions of the Son and the Holy Spirit
The proper names of the Son and the Holy Spirit: from theologia to oikonomia
     The Son as Word and Image
     The Holy Spirit as Love and Gift