SEM31 - The Trinitarian Theology of St Thomas Aquinas

SEM31 - The Trinitarian Theology of St Thomas Aquinas

This eight-week seminar will investigate some key elements of the Trinitarian theology of St. Thomas Aquinas. We will explore the mystery of the Trinity through several fundamental texts of the scholastic tradition.


From 8th October 2018 to 2nd September 2018. Seminar closed

Course code: SEM31

Professor: Theodore John Baptist Ku

This course is a penetrating insight into Thomas's Trinitarian Treatise in the Summa Theologiae. While chapter one is concerned with human beings who are made to the image of God on account of their possession of the faculties of intellect and will, chapter two concerns itself with the Trinitarian God to Whose image we are made. It examines what it means to ascribe the capacity for knowing and loving to the triune God.

Pedagogical procedure : 

  • The seminary takes place on Moodle, Domuni's distance learning platform ( Each student logs in independently and works and his/her own pace, according to the established schedule. 

  • Each of the four steps lasts two weeks. 

  • During the first week of the step, each student is asked to write a structured contribution to the seminary, using the texts and the problematic displayed by the professor. The paper has to comply with the following requirements:

- More or less 4,000 characters, including spaces.

- Written in a word-processing software (Word, Open Office, ...)

- The paper must be posted on Moodle on the current forum before the end of the week one.


  • The second week of the step is dedicated to debates and discussions, supervised by the professor.

  • The final mark takes into account the quality of the four contributions and the active participation in the debates. 

  • Each requires minimum 7 hours of personal work.