Principles of Leadership

Principles of Leadership

Completing this course will be valuable for your future career in a sense that you will be able to build your unique way of managing people and analyzing your Business environment. By applying the concepts that we will discover together, you will be able to focus on the interests of your company while building a more holistic approach to interpersonal relationships.

Course code: SHS-LEAD01

Professor: Nandy Beugré

Course Description:

This class is meant to be the spark that will open your eyes on the (real) world we are living in. No matter what your background is you will always need to demonstrate Leadership skills in both professional and personal contexts. As the future leader that you are, you will make the difference in your future career by discovering your own leadership style and getting to know how to quickly understand the ones of people around you in order to build the most sustainable interpersonal relationships. This course is enriched with key important concepts and material from the eight edition of book on Leadership written by Peter G. Northouse in 2015. In addition you have more content on the related PowerPoint presentation for this class.What is more important is to translate these key concepts into your own words and apply to them to your life.


Students who complete this course successfully will be able to:

  • Better understand the world by developing their own perception

  • Discover their own Leadership styles and personalities

  • Develop Management agility

  • Critically analyzing Business interpersonal situations

  • Develop customized Management solutions.

What you will learn:

After completing this class you should be able to come up with your own definition of Leadership along with analyzing your work place from a more holistic perspective. You will get a better understanding of the Business world around you. Moreover, your eyes will be opened on the fact that companies are first of all human being with diverse personalities to interact with. 


Fundamentals of Leadership

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Leadership

Chapter 2: Approaches to Leadership

Chapter 3: Skills Approach

Contextualizing Leadership in the Business World

Chapter 4: Leadership Ethics

Chapter 5: Gender and Leadership

Chapter 6: Team Leadership