Philosophy and Education

Philosophy and Education

This course has been written to assist the audience to understand the philosophical underpinnings and its relevance to the complex situations of the 21st century, but also to allow learners to determine and appreciate the role of philosophy in education.   

Course code: TUC2

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This course elaborates how philosophy and education can help promote the common good and address evils which go against the common good of all human beings. Issues such as individualism, which is a characteristic feature of the current society is brought out and how Christian education and formation can help address negative effects of individualism and bring back the communal understanding in the spirit of Ubuntu or African humanism. Philosophy and holistic education are therefore basic tenets for development of any society, thus the process of learning from infancy to adult hood should involve criticality and creativity which are fully embedded in Philosophy.


Chapter 1. Kant and the Philosophical Foundation of Right to Education

Chapter 2. Education for the Common Good

Chapter 3. Art and its Epistemic Relevance in Plato’s Republic

Chapter 4. Modern Education and the Problem of Individualism Today

Chapter 5. Modern Pedagogies to Influence Virtue and Criticality among Students to Avert Religious Extremism/Terrorism

Chapter 6. A Synthesis between Classical and Modern Models of Education is the Basis of Holistic Education