Management and Organizations

Management and Organizations

Organizations are conceived as systems and as such are embedded in an environment. 

Course code: SHS-MNGE02

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Course Presentation

Organizations are conceived as systems and as such are embedded in an environment. Understanding this is of utmost importance for the development of the future professional and for the management of organizations as a whole. 

The development of the knowledge and skills proposed by this course will foster the ability to understand the different types of organizations. We must not lose sight of the fact that we are all part of organizations. This fact is immediately brought to the forefront in order to enable the student to reflect on it, so that they can visualize and understand how organizations transform us and how, in turn, we transform them.

Organizations by nature are complex and, in fact, complexity has been growing significantly in recent times, which means that the student must be able to understand the organization and its environment, both in its structural and cultural aspects. This understanding will allow the student to make better decisions when it is their turn to work in the organizational environment.

In view of the above, the contents proposed in the course are designed to provide the student with a general vision of organizations and their administration. In this regard, it is important to point out that the course is divided into 7 major topics.

At the end of each of the topics, the student will find a task to perform in the form of a practical case study and analysis, where they will be able to apply the concepts brought forward to them throughout the course.

Course Plan

Topic 1: The Organization and its Administration 

Topic 2. Environment and Social Responsibility

Topic 3. Planning and control

Topic 4. Strategy

Topic 5. Structure

Topic 6. Organizational Culture 

Topic 7. Organisational Behaviour