Monasticism in Buddhism and in the Catholic Church

Monasticism in Buddhism and in the Catholic Church

Common elements of Monasticism in Myanmar Buddhism and in the Latin Catholic Church, in preparation for an Interreligious Dialogue : a Comparative Study

Course code: THEN701

Professor: George Phe Mang


This course explores and understands certain perspectives of monastic practices which are common to both traditions of Myanmar Buddhism and the Latin Catholic Church with the emphasis of monastic way of life in preparation for interreligious dialogue between the Buddhists and Christians in Myanmar.

This course identifies common monastic practices from both Buddhism and Latin Catholic traditions in order to establish the venue where the two parties could meet and dialogue for common interests particularly on social projects. Typically, the purpose of qualitative inquiry is to identify and understand common themes from both traditions, essentially establishing a foundation for future quantitative encounter among the faiths of different religions in Myanmar.

The course is divided into two parts; the first part looks at the historical development of monastic practice beginning from the nature and of its purpose from both Buddhism and Christianity. The second part identifies the common elements of monastic practices from both traditions.

Table of content:

  • Chapter I : Introduction
  • Chapter II: Nature and purpose of monaticism 
  • Chapter III : Common elemnets of monasticism in buddhism and christian traditions 
  • Chapter IV : toward interreligious dialogue in myanmar
  • Chapter V: conclusion