Introduction to Fundamental Theology

Introduction to Fundamental Theology

We derive our inspiration from at least two distinct traditions: the Jewish and the Christian. It is important that we should be aware of this! A whole set of questions are implied here. What is the relationship between God and the Jewish traditi on, God and Jesus, God and the church?

ECTS Credits: 3

Professor: Ignace D’Hert
Albert-Henri Kühlem

FUNDAMENTAL THEOLOGY CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1. OUR BASIC INSPIRATION 2. THE ACTUAL CONTEXT 3. THE SELF CHAPTER 2 A COMPLEX SITUATION 1. THE PRE-MODERN CULTURE 2. THE SECULAR (MODERN) CULTURE 3. THE POST MODERN, SECULARISED CULTURE CHAPTER 3 ENTERING A NEW ERA 1. TOWARDS A NEW UNDERSTANDING OF FAITH 1. Scripture: the Word of God ? ! 2. Scripture: Inspired by the Spirit? 3. Historical survey of the written traditions CHAPTER 4 A NEW UNDERSTANDING OF CHURCH 1. A renewed vision on the mission of the church 2. A new relationship with regard to other Christian communities 3. The relative character of the structure of the Church 4. The plural meaning of “church” 5. Freedom of religion and freedom of conscience 1. THEOLOGY ENTERING A NEW PHASE 2. DISCOVERING ANEW THE JESUS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT a. How to find the historical Jesus ? Methodological question. b. Historical data c. How the gospels came into existence d. The two main types : synoptics and John e. Conclusion CHAPTER 5 KEY MOMENTS IN THE HISTORICAL UNDERSTANDING OF THE CHURCH 1. FIRST CENTURIES 2. REFORMATION - ENLIGHTENMENT 3. THE HISTORICAL JESUS AND THE CHRIST OF FAITH 4. THE GOSPELS 1. Mark and his time 2. Mark and his context 3. The composition of Mark's gospel 4. Some of the main themes 1. Matthew's context 2. Matthew's emphasis compared with Mark 3. Matthew's emphasis 1. Luke's background 2. Characteristics 1. John's background 2. John's christology CHAPTER 6 JESUS AND ISRAEL INTRODUCTION 1. JESUS AND JOHN THE BAPTIST 2. JESUS AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD 3. THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND THE CHURCH Matthew’s gospel The parables of the kingdom 4. THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND THE HEALING OF THE SICK CHAPTER 7 JESUS' PREACHING - THE PARABLES 1. JESUS' PREACHING - THE PARABLES a) The context b) The telling c) Urgeing a decision d) Indicative and imperative e) Beyond the law 2. TWO PAYERS IN THE OUR FATHER 3. THE PILGRIMAGE OF THE NATIONS 4. ISRAËL'S CRISIS