Church History. Part II

Church History. Part II

The present course covers the beginning of the modern period, from the 16 th to the 18 th century. This period, especially the 16 th century, is a turning point in the history of Western culture.

ECTS Credits: 3

Professor: Philippe Denis


1. The medieval legacy

2. Christian Humanism. Erasmus

3. The Protestant Reformation

3.1. Martin Luther

3.2. John Calvin and the Reformed tradition

3.3. Later Developments, especially in South Africa

4. The Catholic Reformation

4.1. A new spirit. The Society of Jesus

4.2. The Council of Trent

4.3. Post-Tridentine Catholic Theology (XVI-XVIIIth century)

5. Dissent

5.1. Beyond the orthodoxies

5.2. A social gospel: The Peasants War

5.3. Persecution and Toleration

6. The New World

6.1. Las Casas and the Defence of the Indians

6.2. The Churches' response to slavery

7. Science and religion: The Galileo Affair

8. The Churches and the Revolution

1. Church and Democracy

2. The Catholic Church and the French Revolution.