Church History Part I

Church History Part I

Christianity is an historical religion; it’s a religion about an historical event: Jesus' life, death and resurrection. But there may be conflicts between the pastoral and the historical points of view.

Course code: THEN09

Professor: Philippe Denis

Course description:

The module provides an introduction to the history of the Christian churches from the time of the early church to the Patristic age and the Middle Ages


The objective of the module is to give students a basic knowledge of the history of the Christian church from the 1st to the 15th century.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the study period, students are expected to have acquired a basic knowledge of the history of Christianity during the period under review (1st to 15th centuries). They are also expected to show some understanding of the manner in which the historical methodology can benefit theologians, religion scholars and any person interested in Christianity.

Assessment methods:  

Essays and exams

Table of content :

  1. The Apostolic Age (1st century)
  2. Gaining Recognition (2nd - 4th centuries)
    FOCUS 1: Christianity in Northern Africa. Cyprian, Donatism, Augustine (Ms M. Nurnberger)
  3. Filling the Gap (5th - 10th centuries)
  4. Christendom (11th - 15th centuries)
    FOCUS 2: Mission theology from Gregory to Lulle (Ms M. Nurnberger)