Aquinas'notion of friendship

Aquinas'notion of friendship

Aquinas'notion of friendship and its relevance to eternal happiness. What is happiness? What is its nature and character both here and in the hereafter? Is it attainable? What is the nature and character of friendship? Is it possible? Why is it so integral to happiness, the goal of man, in such a way as to say no one can be called happy who is without friends?

ECTS Credits: 3

Professor: Benjamin Bem Kwaghgba

Table of content

chapter one : the concept of hapiness 

1.1 Prefatory Remarks

1.2 Definitions of the Concept

1.3 Aristotle on Happiness

1.4 Cicero On Happiness

1.4.1 The Epicurean Standpoint

1.4.2 The Stoic Standpoint

1.4.3 The Academics’ Standpoint

1.5 The Scriptures on Happiness

1.6 St Augustine on Happiness 19

Chapter two : the concept of friendship

2.1 Definitions of the Concept of Friendship.

2.2 Characteristics of Friendship.

2.3 Love, Family and Friendship: Basic Conceptual Distinction.

2.4 The Scriptures on Friendship.

2.5 Aristotle on Friendship.


2.6 Cicero on Friendship.

2.7 Augustine on Friendship.

Chapter three : Thomas aquinas on hapiness and friendship 

3.1 Thomas Aquinas on Happiness


3.2 Thomas Aquinas on Friendship

Chapter four : friendship and hapiness : relevance to eternal hapiness

4.1 Prefatory Remarks.

4.2 The Relationship Between Friendship and Happiness.

4.3 Friendship: Relevance to Eternal Happiness.

4.4 Evaluation and Conclusion