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Taking a graduate certificate philosophy offers so much choice when you come to Domuni University. From an introduction to philosophy to learning more about its origins, we offer a wide selection of courses that put you in control of how deeply you dive into this subject. We also offer degree courses in philosophy that allows you to take your studies to the highest level. Many of our students have started with a graduate certificate philosophy and gone all the up to our PhD degree course. There are no entry requirements for these shorter courses. All you need is a passion for learning and a stable internet connection. Once you have been through the application process, you can get started with your studies right away. We do not run our courses in line with the university calendar which means you can start studying at any time of the year.


All of our philosophy courses are available 100% online. Whether you are considering taking a graduate degree philosophy course, or you’re ready to get started today, our website is waiting for you. You can sign up online and then once you have been accepted and paid your fees, you will have access to all of your course material. This material will be available to you online 24/7, allowing you to choose when and how you study. You’ll see a complete listing of the certificates we have available and the courses they involve on our website. Remember, you can study at your own pace through our elearning platform and complete your studies in line with your lifestyle and schedule.

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Begin Your Studies in Philosophy With Us

For your graduate certificate philosophy, you will study five courses and have 12 months to complete the programme. Each of our certificates includes 5 courses, each with a written assessment at the end. From learning about philosophy in the Middle Ages to discovering political philosophy, we offer so many opportunities to get a deep and diverse understanding of philosophy. Whether you are looking for a philosophy qualification to help you move forward in your career, or you are seeking personal enrichment, our courses check all the right boxes. Our distance learning programme is the ideal way to achieve your academic goals without disrupting your existing schedule.


If you are worried about getting started and that you won’t have time to complete your studies, don’t be. You’ll have a year to complete your course and can study wherever you how whenever you have time. Many of our students choose to combine their studies with their job, studying in their lunch break or on the commute to work.

How to Access Your Graduate Certificate Philosophy Material

If you are wondering how to access your graduate certificate philosophy material, we make it very easy. Everything is accessible through our elearning platform, Do-Moodle. This platform allows you to access your course material, submit assignments, and also access our forums and chat rooms. You can chat to your teachers and mentors about your studies and also have discussions with your fellow students. We arrange regular debates and discussions about philosophical topics that you are always more than welcome to contribute to. There is no pressure to get involved in these events, however. While we are a distance learning institution, we still believe the human touch is very important. That’s why you’ll always have somebody to talk to when you need support with your graduate certificate philosophy.


Our undergraduate certificates are available in five different languages - French, English, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic. We’re proud to offer our courses on every continent and to welcome students from all around the world. No matter what your age or your background, you can study with us. And remember, there are no prerequisites to start a graduate certificate philosophy course. You can get started at any time of year too, as we don’t follow the academic calendar.

Excellent Support From Our Faculty of Philosophy

No matter which of our undergraduate certificate courses you choose, you’ll receive dedicated support throughout your studies. Our teaching team is always on hand to provide support on particular topics or to guide you through any aspect of the course schedule. You can contact us at any time via phone, email, or video call, and we’d be delighted to help you. We can also help you to select the course that best suits your aspirations. Whether you are looking to complete a graduate certificate philosophy course for your career or your own personal needs, we’re here for you.


We have thousands of students studying with us at any one time. Our distance learning programmes are designed to fit around you and your schedule and give you the freedom to study your way. You have a year to complete your certificate and during that time, you’ll be required to submit written assessments at the end of every course. But don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the process and offer assistance if you find you are struggling with timelines.

Enrol Online Today to Get Started

Here at Domuni University, we offer our students a wide and varied philosophy programme. Whether you are just dipping your toes into the subject, or you want to supplement your philosophy degree with a specialist area, we have all you need in our course catalogue. You can get started when you like as we don’t follow the formal university curriculum. You can also access your course material whenever you want thanks to our online elearning platform. Applying for your chosen course is easy thanks to our website, and we’re always on hand to help you with the application process. Come and join the thousands of students that have passed through our virtual doors. Distance learning is the perfect solution if your lifestyle is too busy to complete on-campus learning or you have work commitments. Join our community today.