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What is the difference between religious sciences and theology ?

What is the difference between religious sciences and theology ? 7 novembre 2016

A state recognized diploma

Domuni degrees and masters in theology are state recognized diplomas. Multidisciplinary, they agree with LMD european norms. Biblical languages,(Greek and Hebrew), computing, philosophy and modern languages are added to the classic program. The theology master opens the door to a doctorate.

A Vatican recognized diploma

Religious sciences are on the other hand, canonical courses, this time recognized by the Vatican. Domuni university is affiliated to the Saint Thomas Aquina Pontifical university of Rome, as are twelve other universities around the world. These courses are less focused on multidisciplinarity than the state diploma, but you will still be taught philosophy courses, necessary basis to approach and understand the goals of theology.

The conjoint degree

It is possible to follow the courses jointly, to get both a state and a Vatican recognized diploma. In either case there will have to be a choice to specialize in Master 2, for those who wish to follow the five year training. Wether it’s theology or religious sciences the specializations proposed are the same : dogmatic, bible, ecumenism and religion, ethics, christian and pastoral history.

A short or a long course ?

The dominican university proposes various curriculums, masters degrees and shorter courses (dominican certificates). They correspond to different audiences. It all depends on the students backgrounds, aspirations and willingness. Feel free to contact us to get to know more and define the most suitable program.

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