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The history of Domuni University

The history of Domuni University 21 décembre 2016

Birth of the University of Domuni

The main objective is to provide theology learning and education to those who do not necessarily have the financial means to access them.

Using the power of the Internet, the University of Domuni develops and reinforces a model of exchange and training.

In 1998, in Toulouse (France), Dominican Brothers Van Aerde and Ponsot decided to launch online courses for Francophone students around the world.

A genuine network of professors is gradually developing along with the growing number of pupils eager to acquire a solid foundation in theology.

Today, the University of Domuni, headquartered in Toulouse, has several offices in Europe, one in Madrid, one in Brussels and one in Africa, in Kigali, capital of Rwanda.

Teaching staff and courses

The faculty at the University of Domuni is made up of 250 professors, 80% of whom are Dominican Brothers.

Today, even if the university offers theology courses in French, it is possible to take courses with a Spanish-speaking section, another Anglophone section and recently in Arabic.

Nearly 40 nationalities are represented at the University of Domuni for nearly 2,500 students.

The courses offered for certificates and diplomas such as Licenses and Masters can be followed in 2 ways:

• Self-training with downloadable courses

• Accompanied course: access to a training platform + downloadable courses with pedagogical accompaniment and meeting with a teacher.

7 subjects are offered during the course at the Domini University: spirituality, catechesis, Bible and Liturgy, ecumenism, dialogue between religions and fundamental theological issues.

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