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What to do with a philosophy degree ?

What to do with a philosophy degree ? 21 novembre 2016

Teaching philosophy, but that’s not all !

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of openings if the idea is not to teach. In addition to that, those trying to get a teaching certificate will also face a difficult situation : there are not so many jobs available.

But there are other ways to explore after graduating in philosophy, other teaching opportunities for example in history or as a teacher in primary school.

Philosophy is the key to a number of fields

Our philosophy degrees and theological studies will enlarge your cultural field, and therefore will provide opportunities in a great number of careers such as, edition, journalism, humanitarian, culture, urbanism, patrimony, tourism, research, multimedia, administration and human ressources or even sustainable development.

Those with a good philosophical culture are to be sought more often in firms whether they are large, medium or small. Their profile seems more attractive to those seeking renewal.

The philosophy graduates can also get to become librarians or curator for cultural heritage through the appropriate civil service examination.

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