International Dominican University

Order of Preachers - Dominican Friars

Bachelors and Masters

Professor: Fr. Theodore John Baptist Ku, OP

Credts: 6 ECTS

This eight-week seminar will investigate some key elements of the Trinitarian theology of St. Thomas Aquinas. We will explore the mystery of the Trinity throught several foundamental texts of the scholastic tradition.


At Domuni University, students can choose between two different tracks in theology and philosophy:

  • Civil Degree Programmes (BA and MA in Theology and Philosophy)
  • Diploma, Certificates, courses

Students may enrol in either of these tracks, depending on their personal preference and / or academic and professional requirements.

The Dominican Approach to Theology

Students experience first-hand what St. Thomas Aquinas meant when he said: ‘contemplare et aliis contemplata tradere’ (to contemplate and to give to others the fruits of contemplation). By enrolling on Theology or Religious Studies programmes at Domuni University, students are given a taste of the contemplated truth, a taste of the Word of God, and the intellectual capability to gradually understand and express in their own words what we believe.

  • The university’s academic programmes in theology lead to BA and / or MA degrees in theology. These civil degrees (France) in catholic theology also fulfil the requirements for ongoing academic development up to doctorate level.
  • Domuni’s academic programme in biblical studies lead to MA degrees (Catholic University of Louvain).

Multiple Accreditation and Validation

Domuni University is accredited and offers academic degree programmes that are validated in France and Belgium:

The university’s academic programmes in Theology lead to civil degrees in catholic theology. These civil degrees are conferred in conjunction with the University of Lorraine in France.

Domuni’s academic programme in Biblical Studies lead to a master of the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.

Students may choose either type of validation, depending on their needs, motivations and academic preferences.

Recommended Pace of Study

Enrolling in an online programme with Domuni University allows students to study from home and at their own pace. It is particularly suitable for those who have never had the opportunity to study, be it because of their busy schedules or large distances to traditional universities. The academic year begins with the student’s enrolment, which is open all year around. Students may choose to study at a faster or slower pace, taking up to 24 months for the material covering one academic year.

Entry and Progression Requirements

  • BA degree programme: no requirements
  • MA degree progamme: BA degree in a related field from a recognised university

Earning an Academic Award

Students wishing to earn a BA degree need to achieve an average of at least 50% in their assessments (assignments and exams). For each course, students need to submit a written assignment and take an online review quiz. Semester final exams, which last three hours, are offered in an exam centre authorised by Domuni University and near the student’s own home.

Students wishing to earn an MA degree will be assessed as above. In addition, they need to publicly defend their thesis before a panel of three senior academics.