Dr. John Gabriel Khalil

Dr. John Gabriel Khalil


  • PhD student in Systematic Theology at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, KU Leuven, Belgium since 2022.  
  • 2022 Abridged Master of Research in Systematic Theology, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, KU Leuven, Belgium.  
  • 2012 Licentiate of Sacred Theology, Faculty of Theology, the Catholic University of Lille, France.
  • 2009 Diplôme d’études françaises (Deuxième degré) “Diploma of French Studies (second degree)”, Charles de Gaulle University Lille III, Lille, France.
  • 2004 Bachelor of Sacred Theology (2 preparatory years + 5 years of studies), Faculty of Human and Theological Sciences, Cairo, Egypt. (Attached to Pontifical Urban University, Rome, Italy).
  • 2001 Certificate of Catechetical Studies (4 years), Catechetical Institute, Cairo, Egypt.


Teaching and academic experience 

  • 10/2017- 05/2017 Coordinator of “Master preparations” seminars of theology at Couvent des Dominicains du Caire.
  • 09/2001-05/2006 Teaching Assistant in "Pedagogical Catechism” for the 4th year students at the Catholic Catechetic Institute.
  • 2012-2021, Dogmatic Theology, Catholic Catechetic Institute, Cairo.
  • 2012-present, Chaplain of “World Movement of Christian Workers” in Egypt.
  • 2015-present, Director and founder of “Dar El Aquini” the Dominican publishing house in Cairo, Egypt
  • 05-/2016-present, Institut Catholique de la Méditerranée, Marseille, Project : Maison de la Sagesse.

This program focuses in topics such, identity and belonging, religion and politics, education and humanism and connects researchers from different Middle East countries in order to promote interreligious dialogue. The key purpose is to design a theoretical framework meant to facilitate the understanding of the common identity of citizens living around the Mediterranean Sea in different countries and political regimes and belonging to different religious systems.

  • 2012-2021, responsible for the Liberation Theology Group of Discussion, Dominican Priory, Cairo, Egypt.



Peer-reviewed articles

  • « Les Égyptiens à la recherche de leur identité » Chemens de dialogues, n. 54, 2019, pp. 145-150.
  • “Rebaptism in the Coptic Orthodox Church”, One in Christ, Vol. 51, n. 1 2017. pp. 137-143.
  • “Unterwegs zu einer arabischen Befreiungstheologie” in Wort und Antwort, 57 Jahrgang, Heft 2 April-Juni 2016, pp. 75-76.
  • « Humanismes et religions sont-ils compatibles dans le monde arabe ?» Chemens de dialogues, n. 49, 2016, pp. 205-207.

Under review 

  • « Political Theology in Arabic World, the Egyptian Context », Lest XII-conference Theos & Polis: Political Theology as Discernment, Peeters Publishers. 


  • Political Theology: Towards a Political Spirituality, Cairo: El Aquini, 2015. [In Arabic].

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