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Human Rights in Southern Africa. Theory and Practice.

Isaac Mutelo

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ISBN 978-2-36648-213-3
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The interest, awareness and importance of human rights has continued to dominate public discourse. This is partly because human rights help us to recognise and respect our shared rights and responsibilities so that we may be able to co-exist while upholding the values and principles of democracy. This voluminous contribution provides a systematic and comprehensive reflection on the state of human rights in Southern Africa. The main aim is to deepen the understanding of human rights from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Contributors analyse how human rights are not only promoted and protected from possible violations, but also abused with reference to divergent contexts in Southern African. The wide-ranging themes, perspectives and theoretical frameworks in this work provides for a deeper and broader understanding of human rights in the region.

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Date de publication: 24 janvier 2024
Langue: English
Pages: 368
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Isaac Mutelo
Isaac Mutelo

Is a teacher in Political Philosophy at Domuni Universitas (Toulouse, France) and Lecturer and Director of Quality Assurance at Arrupe Jesuit University (Harare, Zimbabwe). He is also a religious Catholic Priest belonging to the Order of Preachers, commonly known as Dominicans. He is a graduate in Theology, Philosophy and Education, and acquired his MA and PhD degrees in Philosophy with a specialisation in religion and politics from the University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.

Mots-clés: Human Rights, Law, Southern Africa