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Ecological Crisis. In Catholic Social Teaching.

Oliver Barrett

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ISBN 978-2-36648-202-7
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This book is a synthesis of catholic social teaching related to the climate crisis, an examination of the climate debate from a catholic perspective. After looking at the main ecological issues, the root of the problem is identified by the Holy Fathers as a moral crisis within humanity. This moral crisis stems from a misunderstanding of humanities proper place within the cosmos leading to anthropocentrism and a dominating attitude towards the earth and its resources. An exegesis of both the Old and New Testament is conducted to identify key passages that help to redefine the covenant relationship between creator and creature and to provide a theocentric mindset. This publication examines emerging models of creation and track the development of catholic social teaching regarding creation care up to the publication of Laudato Si’, as well as current ecumenical initiatives and joint statements from the churches.

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Date de publication: 21 avril 2023
Langue: English
Pages: 172
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Oliver Barrett
Oliver Barrett

Is a theologian (Domuni Universitas) from Strabane, Co. Tyrone. He is a specialist in Catholic Social Teaching and Interreligious Studies. He is a member of the Derry diocesan mission team and a minister of the word in his parish.

Mots-clés: catholic social teaching, climate crisis, humanity, Old Testament, New Testament, Laudato Si’