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Publishing House

Domuni-Press aims to disseminate research, to publish reference works for the scientific community and to open up to a wide public through quality works, accessible to all, in theology, philosophy, religions, spirituality, history, law and social sciences.

The subjects are approached with a clear editorial line: academic quality, accessible to all, so that the richness of Christian thought lives on and spreads.

As part of a living research community, at the heart of the Dominican network, present on all continents, Domuni-Press aims to bring readers as close as possible to the texts, by making immediate access possible via digital technology, while ensuring a quality paper edition.

On this website you will find the Domuni-Press online bookshop. Its books are also available on the main distance selling websites, Amazon, and in more than 700 bookshops and sales outlets.

Alongside authors with recognised expertise in the world of research, the editorial committee regularly selects the work of the best students for publication.

A word from the editor

Domuni-Press is a university publishing house that aims to disseminate the research of new authors. It has at its disposal the vast network of professors and researchers animated by the Dominicans.

Thus, readers are offered works such as the history of deaconesses, a fundamental reflection on the conflict over land in Palestine/Israel, new studies on the thought of Emmanuel Levinas and Maurice Zundel, the exploration of the links between astrology and religion in the Middle Ages, the illumination of biblical stories on filiation, and a rereading of the story of Abraham as a model for happy ageing, as well as an invitation to discover Yves Bonnefoy's reconciliation of poetic intuition and philosophy ...

The books are available in digital or printed form.

Marie Monnet