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Judith, Sarah, & Esther

John J. Lynch

Collections: Theology
ISBN 978-2-36648-170-9
ISSN 2647-6053


Jewish Heroines: Judith, Sarah, & Esther is a study of the Jewish heroines of the Deuterocanonical Books of the Old Testament. Readers will be introduced to the hermeneutical methods known as Rhetorical Biblical Criticism and Theological Criticism of the Bible in an attempt to better understand how the books' writers used the literary element of characterization to communicate their intended messages within their respective narratives. The book further explains why these characters can be considered a literary and theological type the Jewish heroine and it explores how figural-typological readings of these texts provide a due to their interpretation in light of the wider canon of Scripture.

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Date de publication: 1 janvier 2022
Langue: English
Pages: 188
Dimensions: 156 x 234 mm
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John J. Lynch
John J. Lynch

Serves as a parish priest and has experience teaching in Latin America and the United States. His academic background includes degrees in Greek, theology, and Biblica! studies. Father Lynch is a professor in the Faculty of Theology at Domuni Universitas.

Mots-clés: Jewish heroines, Judith, Sarah, Esther, Old Testament, Rhetorical Biblical Criticism, Theological Criticism of the Bible, Scripture, Bible

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