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A general introduction to the S.H.O.P. history course p3
Sr Barbara Beaumont o.p., Reflections on the philosophy of history p5
Introduction to sources for early Dominican history 14

Part I - The preaching campaign in the Lauragais 1206-1207
A Chronology of Catharism in France 20 Who was Pope Innocent III ? 21
Albigensians and Cathars – some background information 25
A Letter of Pope Innocent III concerning the preaching campaign 31
Pierre de Vaux de Cernay o.c.s.o., extracts from The History of the 33
Albigensian Crusade
Blessed Jordan of Saxony, extracts from the Libellus 39
Henri-Dominique Lacordaire o.p., Chapter III of the Life of St Dominic 43

Part II – The foundation of Prouilhe
Charles Peytavie, A Man and a Heritage 50
Guy Bedouelle o.p., The Historical Significance of the Foundation of Prouilhe 52
Jean De Réchac, The Foundation of Prouilhe 54
Henri-Dominique Lacordaire o.p., Chapter IV of the Life of St Dominic 58
Jean Girou, an extract from L’Itinéraire en terre d’Aude 64
Elie-Pascal Epinoux o.p., The Birth of Prouilhe 65
Simon Tugwell o.p. “For Whom Was The Monastery of Prouilhe 70
Founded ?” (a summary by Sr Barbara Beaumont o.p.)

Assignment subjects 77
Bibliography for further reading 78
Notes on the authors of Unit 1 79