5 october 5 - 30 november 2020

Indian Logic

Indian Logic


In this seminar various topics will be dealt with, related to Indian Logic. More importance will be given to Nyāya Philosophy and Buddhist Philosophy. Brief outlines of the topics that are going to be covered in this seminar are given below.  

  • In what sense is the Indian Logic, Logic? 
  • Some special features of Indian Logic. 
  • Difference between Indian epistemology and Indian logic. 
  • Two approaches to Inference in Indian Philosophy. 
  • Inference as indirect knowledge. 
  • The question of reducibility of other forms of indirect knowledge to inference. 
  • Detailed analysis of inference for oneself and inference for others in theNyāya school of philosophy and how inference for others is different from the Western understanding of logic.  
  • Game of invariable concomitance or universal relation. 
  • What is the necessary condition of inference? 
  • Types of inference precisely in Nyāya philosophy. 
  • Buddhist Logic: law of identity and the law of causality. 
  • Various fallacies of inference in Nyāya and Buddhist philosophy.