Introduction to Philosophy

The course aims to show that from its origins through the early efforts made by the earliest oriental thinkers before the era of ancient great Greek thinkers, philosophy has remained a branch of knowledge concerned with fundamental questions concerning existence, human values, language, knowledge and many other matters.

After studying this course, you should be able to:


1. understand the nature and scope of philosophy;

2. understand some of the philosophical skills and explain the importance of philosophy as a branch of knowledge;

3. understand the origins of philosophy and some of the philosophical positions held by ancient Greek thinkers;

4. have a better sense of the differences between philosophical questions and other kinds of questions or arguments;

5. understand different branches of philosophy and some of the major issues concerned in such branches; and

6. understand and be able to express several philosophical issues taking a position in the debates over the issues mentioned in this course.



Section 1: What is the Nature and Scope of Philosophy?

Section 2: How did Philosophy Begin?

Section 3: What are the Major Branches of Philosophy?

Section 4: Sample Philosophical Issues - I

Section 5: Sample Philosophical Issues - II