Church History across the ages

Diploma : Church History across the ages

This diploma approaches Church history with a special focus on the writing of the Church Fathers and the documents of the Second Vatican Council.
- The first course in this diploma explores Christianity as an historical religion. It’s a religion about an historical event: Jesus' life, death and resurrection. Special attention is given to the conflicts between the pastoral and the historical points of view, the 16th to the 18th century and finally the forms of life inspired by Christianity that were accepted, adapted and spread by Africans.
- The courses on the Fathers of the Church, from Ignatius of Antioch to John of Damascus will guide you in reading and studying texts. These texts are to be situated in their relevant time periods from end of the Apostolic Age, to the beginning of Middle Ages.
The central subject of the texts we are going to deal with is God and his Revelation in the Scriptures.

- This theme is continued by a closer look at the most important documents and goals of the constitutions, decrees and declarations of Vatican II. This course offers an overview of the most important documents and goals of the Council. It throws light on the most essential topics, based on the letter of the documents themselves. The second part will be dedicated to the issue of the hermeneutic of the so called “discontinuity and rupture”, which has caused confusion, splitting the Church; the other “hermeneutic of reform” which has brought many fruits.

Church History across the ages

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