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Tips to studying theology and religion

Tips to studying theology and religion 4 janvier 2017

Understanding the study of theology

Theology is the study of religion and religious ideas, behaviours and religious institutions. All the major religions in the world are generally covered during these university courses.

By attending courses in theology or religious studies, you will be able to: • Understand the Word of Christ in the texts and scriptures • Open the way to multiple formations between pure theology and the science of religions: philosophy, journalism, history, study of English, social work, youth work, civil service, charity work, writing and publishing, teaching, Art, science, and so on. • Prepare yourself as a lay pastoral agent or as a priest, deacon, or religious.

Different solutions for religious studies

Different courses are offered to study theology and other religious studies.

Whether you are taking a bachelor's degree, attending university courses or wanting to attend evening or online classes with Domuni University, there are a number of options available to you, giving you certificates and diplomas.

You can obtain degrees such as BA in Classical and Theological Studies, BA in Theology and Film Studies, BA in Theology and Foreign Languages and BA in Pure Theology.

You can also take a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in Theology in Religious Sciences with a two- or three-year cycle. These courses and diplomas have a European value. Each learner is accompanied by a personal tutor.

Depending on the institution you choose to pursue your religious studies, the admission requirements will vary and are often subject to further modifications.

It is important to note that up to 80% of theology and religious studies are organized for individuals who wish to pursue a religious life.

However, more and more laypeople are being called to work in leadership, project management, coordination or communication roles. Having a theological formation is one then a plus that is far from negligible.

All these courses aim to equip the student with sufficient knowledge to better understand the complexity of the religious object in the daily exercise of their profession.

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