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How do you take exams at Domuni ?

How do you take exams at Domuni ? 29 novembre 2016

A home test for each course

During the year, students have to turn homework assignments for each of the course they attend. These home tests can be returned anytime through the Do-Moodle platform where the appropriate teacher will give his evaluation and then inform the student via e-mail.

There really is no time limit during the year to send these home tests, the idea being: everybody should have his own timing according to his time schedule. The best advice we can give is to work regularly and try to send one each month. Doing this, you’ll suffer no specific rush by the end of the year.

Two sitting exams

By mid term and by the end of the year a three hour exam will be compulsory. This exam will be held in an exam centre close to the students place. The time and dates of the exams will be scheduled by the exam center. It is to be noted that some monasteries can become exam centers for monks.

For these exams the students can choose three different subjects. The evaluation usually comes within two months.

And the master theses ?

Master Students will of course write and defend a thesis. The student will get the opportunity to defend his work for half an hour in front of a three teacher jury. The Thesis defense is held in a place chosen by the administration of the university. The jury members will first ask questions then retire to deliberate and proclaim the results and distinctions.

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