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Enjoy Domunis online library ressources

Enjoy Domunis online library ressources 22 novembre 2016

Domuni Press publishing

All these books are coming in digital form, so that Domuni University’s students may access them anywhere and anytime in the easiest way. This publishing house also tends to form links and encourages debates between authors and alumni. Debates involving scholars and readers are organized through the e-learning platform Moodle

Teachers are not the only ones to get their work published by Domuni Press. Some of the best works of the students are regularly published. Because at Domuni we know that students can bring a lot, to their fellows and their teachers to.

Our bibliographical stock

Articles, conference reviews, preachings… Domuni makes available more than 500 free references to its students. Classified in more than twenty thematic references, among them history of the dominican order, fundamental questions in theology, or science and philosophy, the Domuni Files are completed with audio and video ressources downloadables online.

Telos: Domuni’s magazine

At last Domuni publishes an international online magazine, Telos, to encourage debate as advocated by the dominican preachers order through disputatio. Each issue focuses on a theme, with articles from three authors of different nationalities (french, spanish and english). They all develop their thinking, their approach, and every issue is published in the three languages.

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