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Just like the previous two history courses, this new course devoted to St Catherine of Siena is presented in three separate Parts.

Part 7 which you are now embarking on deals with the background to Catherine of Siena’s life as a Dominican woman

Part 8 aims to show how Catherine of Siena lived out Dominican values. Amongst its contents you will find :

St Catherine’s ideal of Dominican Life, Giuliana Cavallini op
What St Raymond of Capua says about St Catheirne’s Dominican life, extracts with introduction by Conleth Kearns

Catherine’s search for truth, Giuliana Cavallini op

Women in the Church, Insights from Catherine of Siena, Mary O’Driscoll op

The Lived Theology of Catherine of Siena, Mary O’Driscoll

Catherine of Siena, Emissary of Peace
, Mary O’Driscoll op

Part 9 presenting Dominican Values in the Writings of Catherine of Siena :

  • what Catherine says about St Dominic and other Dominican Saints
  • The Letters, Catherine’s correspondence with Dominican women
  • The Dialogue, the Doctrine of Truth