International Dominican University

Order of Preachers - Dominican Friars

Tuition and Fees

Domuni University delivers its academic programmes and courses entirely online. The university’s open enrolment policy allows potential students to register at any time during the calendar year. Payments for single subject certificate courses and short courses need to be submitted together with the online registration form. Fees for degree programmes, on the other hand, do not need to be paid at once in their entirety, because the degree programmes are divided into academic years. This allows students to pay their respective fees each academic year. An academic year may be longer or shorter than a calendar year, depending on the pace of study.

Domuni Advantage

Fees are paid per academic year, not per calendar year.

One academic year may last up to two calendar years, depending on the pace of study. Students do not incur any additional cost for the extra time. This is the Domuni advantage. Only upon completion of an academic year and hence, when the next academic year begins (e.g. after Year 1, after Year 2, etc.), will students need to make their next payments.

Immediate and Open Enrolment

Online enrolment is available all year around. Potential and returning students can enrol, register and pay at the click of a button.


Secure Online Payment System

Domuni University operates entirely online and abides by the highest standards when it comes to quality in education and Internet security. The university employs a state of the art, secure online payment system.

It is also possible to pay student fees by cheque. Cheques need to be made payable to Domuni and sent to the following address:

Domuni - Secrétariat des Etudes
Financial Services Office (EN)
160 rue d’Esquerchin
59 500 DOUAI

Furthermore, Domuni accepts domestic and international payments by (electronic) funds transfer:


IBAN: BE44 3631 3022 3045


Finally, Domuni University accepts payments via Paypal.


Reimbursement of registration fees

The payment of registration fees finalizes the student’s enrolment at the University. In the case of a distance learning system such as Domuni, it provides online access (via a personal identifier and a password) to all courses in the year of study. It also allows students to download all the courses and educational resources. No refunds are possible, except in the following cases:

  • For scholarship students, after their administrative registration, if they are granted a scholarship during their academic year;
  • Cancellation of registration before the access codes are sent. A sum of 100 euros will remain due to the university for administration fees;
  • Cancellation of registration no later than one month after the access codes are sent. In this case, the request is subject to a decision from the academic directors. It will only be possible for the following reasons: long-term condition preventing the continuation of the course; force majeure (in the legal sense of the term).In these cases, the student should contact the education secretariat ( to request a refund claim file. Evidence will be required to justify the claim
  • Exceptionally for social reasons, to allow the continuation of studies (article R710-50 of the Education Code). These provisions are intended for students who are not scholarship holders and who are undergoing financial difficulties related to a family event, or other unpredictable events. The final decision will be made by the Director General on the advice of an ad hoc committee appointed by him. The students concerned by this case should request a claim file from the General Secretariat of the University ( Evidence will be required to justify the claim.