International Dominican University

Order of Preachers - Dominican Friars

Bachelor in Theology

Credits: 180 ECTS

Detailed program

Bachelor in Theology

Term: 3 years

Degree: civil

BA in Theology 

Each year of study has coherence and unity:

First year of the Bachelor in Theology

The first year of theology (BA 1) is concerned with the question of the Triune God, one God in three persons, and the discovery of the Bible.

Second year of the bachelor in Theology

The second year of theology (BA 2) deepens the development of the intelligence of faith, through the great Christological councils, concerning the identity of Jesus, recognised as Christ, Son of God, Word and God's revelation.

The third year of the bachelor in Theology

The third year of theology (L3) presents the mystery of the Church in its missionary zeal, its fundamental unity and sacramental life.

The BA in Theology can involve learning biblical languages. Within the BA Theology programme it is possible to take modules from other disciplines and / or and in a different language (one course per year may be taken in a foreign language for which the student will be required to have a passive knowledge of the language in question).

The BA in Theology recognised by the French state*, gives access to the MA of Theology.


* under conditions