International Dominican University

Order of Preachers - Dominican Friars

Master 2 in theology concentration Philosophy

Credits: 60 ECTS

Master 2 in Theology and Religious Studies - Concentration: Ethical Studies

Term : 1 year

Degree : civil ("Theology") or canonical ("Religious Studies")

Requirement: MA1 in Religious Studies or MA1 in Theology

The Master 2 programme in Theology and Religious Sciences, concentration Philosophy

Choose 4 courses above and one research seminary, or 5 courses,

in accordance with the Director of Studies.


Courses list

Introduction to critical thinking. Part II

The modern epistemological problem has two aspects:

1. The opposition between science and philosophy or truth and error. We find this basically in Descartes and Kant.

2. The conflict between science and science or that of contemporary and classic physics and not an opposition between science and philosophy or truth and error.

Thomas Aquinas Studies

A specialised course in Thomistic issues by fr. Gilles Emery, OP,  a leading specialist in this discipline !

For MA students only

Newman's Theory of Doctrinal Development

Application of the Newmanian Criteriology on the Axiom Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus