International Dominican University

Order of Preachers - Dominican Friars

Diplomas and Certificates

The Diploma in Theology

It is a short course made up of several carefully chosen BA level individual courses combined to offer a coherent study package.

The diplomas may be of interest to those who wish to undertake structured theological studies without enrolling on the full BA programme.

The introduction to Theology and Scripture diplomas are likely to be of special interest to students taking their first steps in theological studies.

Some of the more specialised diplomas (Bioethics, Interreligious Studies, Church History) may be of interest to students who have already completed theological studies and wish to further their knowledge in a particular area.

For further information on the different diplomas and for enrolment please see the links below.

The certificates in theological studies

They are short courses offering a wider, comprehensive introduction to theological studies.

Each certificate is made up of 5 individual courses. The aim is to offer an initial global initiation to theology. Unlike the diploma which specialises in a given discipline, the certificate aims to provide a concise access to several branches of theology: Bible, ethics, dogma, Church history.

University Domuni is pleased to offer 2 certificates.