International Dominican University

Order of Preachers - Dominican Friars


Domuni University is a higher education institution founded by the Dominican Order (Order of Preachers). Domuni offers degree and vocational programmes in theology, philosophy, social studies and religious sciences. All programmes and courses are delivered entirely online. The academic awards issued by Domuni University are recognised by the French State (theology, philosophy, and social studies) and the Catholic University of Louvain (bachelor in biblical studies). Domuni is a university without borders, present on all continents. Domuni University offers a variety of different programmes, ranging from undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees, to short courses (certificates and diplomas) and single modules.

Different Training Courses according to own needs

Three types of training are offered by Domuni University: European degrees Bachelors and Masters, training of short duration (Certificates and Diplomas) and own choice course modules.

Why should you choose Domuni ?

Domuni, Universite en ligne

Domuni’s spirit

Three characteristics mark out Domuni:

• Training adapted timewise and flexible according to each one needs and commitments

• Education conceived by Dominicans heirs of a philosophical and theological tradition of 8 centuries

• A University at your own home, but at the same time related to the world with a permanent and personalized coaching by a specialized tutorial as well as a very lively on-line community

Order of the Friars Preachers intellectual heritage

The Dominican Order has an 8 centuries tradition of philosophical and theological education. Domuni University is giving access to these ancestral fields leading to diplomas recognized at the European level.

Working flexibility

With an education 100% on-line with supervision through a strong teaching community, Domuni University is an adequate solution for students who wish a flexible training for professional and family reasons.

Start of studies is immediate after registration which is possible at any time of the year without regard to usual university terms. Domuni University is operational 24h/24h without summer holidays.

Progress depends on each one rhythm. For example it is possible to slow down or speed up on the way with no educational or financial repercussions what so ever.

For those who wish just to deepen or discover certain subjects, it is possible to follow an education designed for this purpose without being involved in a full degree program. Domuni University offers courses on demand (more than 500 courses). And here again flexibility is complete as one may follow these courses on his own (self-education) or be coached with a tutorial follow up and accreditation.

A community of study and research

Domuni is an active and international research community including a research institute, more than 200 teachers, a publishing house, and a magazine (Telos), pay but also free on-line connection, and finally access to the Dominican libraries almost everywhere in the world.

International Network

The Dominican Community has developed itself as a network of autonomous entities, with steady contacts because of a common governance and numerous reciprocal visits. It results nowadays in a very dense Dominican international network located everywhere in the world. Domuni University is relying on the international network as its specificity allows to train and exchange with students without any kind of border. Education is available in five languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic) attesting of an exceptional intercultural nature. The University honours thereby fully its basic vocation of universality as the word itself primarily suggests.

Key points of Domuni University

Domuni University offers access to an 8 centuries tradition of theological and philosophical education to all those who are away from teaching places (away from major university centres) or are time limited (work, family life…). The teaching skills brought by the University were thought to help out those who did not have the chance of a former sufficient and structured basic training (course of methodology, tutorial, seminars). Multilingual, its education offer is available all over in the world.